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Do you have an opportunity you would like to promote widely across the Business and Investment community on a national and international basis? You are able to list a broad range of opportunities, including but not limited to:

  • Equity Investment
  • Debt Investment
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Exit Opportunities
  • Market Opportunities

All companies who are paid Members of an International Leaders Series (including Executive, Future Leaders and Alumni), and who have been involved for a minimum of 3 months, are welcome to submit their opportunity. Once submitted, International Leaders will be in touch to refine the listing and talk through the next steps.

If you are not a Member of Leaders and would like to promote your opportunity, please visit the International Leaders website to get in touch with your local Series.

Further Details

There is an administration fee of AUD $900 (+GST) to list your opportunity. This includes up to 6 months listing, along with promotion to our Registered Associates and others across the Leaders network during this time. This also includes the ability to have 1 set of changes made to your opportunity during this time.

Should you wish to make further changes to your listing, there will be an administration fee of AUD $180 (+GST) on each occasion. If you wish to renew your listing after 6 months and continue promotion to the broader network, a renewal fee of AUD $600 (+GST) will apply.

For those companies promoting an investment transaction in some form (ie – seeking equity or debt investment, a hybrid of both, or looking for an M&A transaction, sale or exit), please note there is an introduction fee payable to International Leaders upon the successful close of the transaction resulting from introductions made directly and indirectly through the Leaders Investment Centre. Full details of this can be viewed in the Schedule of Fees below.

We will keep your details private at all times, and send you details of interested parties as they request information from you. Full information can be viewed at the bottom of this page. All Registered Members should seek their own appropriate professional advice in regards to any approach they may receive from a Registered Associate on the Leaders Investment Centre.

Member Registration Form

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Existing Relationships

Please list any companies or people (including any potential investors if applicable) that you are already talking to regarding this opportunity. They will be excluded from any Introduction Fee payable (if applicable to the opportunity). Should one of these wish to contact you via this website, we won't refer their details to you as you have already noted their existing discussions with you. We will keep any names/details provided strictly confidential, and no unsolicited contact will be made.