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About Us

International Leaders focuses on inspiring leading companies. It achieves this through the provision of knowledge, networks, and capital. The International Leaders Series provides leading growth companies with access to the expertise, people and markets they require to maximise their opportunity.

International Leaders currently operates a number of Series across Australia and New Zealand, ensuring growth companies have direct access to business, industry and government leaders nationally and internationally. Full details on each Series and its participants is available here.

Recent International Leaders outcomes include:

  • Travel Services Company raises initial pre float finance for two acquisitions followed by IPO raising of A$26 million, the company has increased its value from $20 million to over $2.2 billion in 5 years;
  • Early Stage Water Management Technology Company raises US$1 million from the US Government;
  • National Food Retailer raises over $10 million to expand nationally and internationally;
  • Vegetation Management Company positions business for ultimate sale to national competitor;
  • Electricity Reseller Organisation raises A$2.5 million in private equity to expand nationally;
  • Technology Based Lender raises A$10 million to expand nationally;
  • Leading Auto Industry Component Manufacturer positions business for sale to international partner;
  • Leading Project Management Company expands internationally through a merger with international partner;
  • Financial Services Business raises A$1 million in private equity to expand national operations;
  • Software Developer positions business to sell and manages a MBO for over A$2 million;
  • Communications Service Provider acquires 2 industry competitors to create market leading provider;
  • Hydrogen Technology Business raises A$9.5 million for technology development;
  • Leading Niche Manufacturer acquires competitor to double size of operation;
  • Financial Services Group expand nationally to create market leading provider of debt services;
  • Water Management Company raises A$5 million for further technology development;
  • Leading Marine and Protection Agency acquires market leading RTO Company to expand operations;
  • Human Resources Firm uses Leaders to expand internationally to position itself as a leading provider;
  • Leading Food Retailer negotiates a significant strategic investment to expand internationally;
  • Software Developer expand into 45 countries covering 9 languages to position as a market leader in their field;
  • Building Company received investment of $10 million to expand operations and capability;
  • Aerospace Company receives $2 million Government grant to develop international markets & software;
  • Professional Services Firm develops unique IP and national platform prior to selling out to multinational;
  • Mining Services Technology Firm develops from university spinout to significant industry player and raises over $3 million to further expand their technology and develop new overseas markets;
  • Specialist Goods Manufacturer receives $70,000 R&D refund which was otherwise unknown to it;
  • Window Furnishings Manufacturer expands operations nationally, opening offices in each State;
  • Safety Consulting Business undertakes a Management Buy-Out for an undisclosed sum;
  • Scrap Metals Solutions Business undertakes acquisition strategy, acquiring its competitors;
  • Specialist Engineering & Metals Group creates acquisition strategy, acquiring complementary business;
  • Health & Consumer Comparison Business raises $5m equity to expand operations and product offerings;
  • Equipment Finance Specialist assists emerging equipment supplier to secure a $260k finance facility;
  • Mining Technology Business develops investment strategy and sells equity to private equity firm for $48m.